Dispatch, Live in Concert

📌 Late December 2023
December 21, 2023

I took this photo at the Concerts on the Green this past summer, with Dispatch as the headliner. It doesn’t include a clear view of the stage – though Chadwick Stokes’s back is visible – but I think it captures the energy and intensity of the performance.

I first heard of the band Dispatch when I was in college, learning about the wondrous variety of music genres out there and furiously downloading as much of it as I could through filesharing programs on the college network. I especially remember liking Two Coins and The General.

Before I ever had a chance to see them live, though, Dispatch broke up. I saw Stokes’s band State Radio live at Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT, but I wished I could see Dispatch.

I was in luck this past year when I received an email saying Dispatch would be playing in Shelburne VT in the summer and I grabbed a couple of presale tickets.

The day of the show the Higher Ground website warned of mud, so I wore hiking boots instead of my usual sneakers. What I thought was overkill turned out to be an excellent decision – the whole place was a mud field. Just walking around was a very messy experience.

The show itself was incredible, easily one of the best concerts I’ve been to. The band played impeccably and varied between old favorites and newer songs. The light show was also pretty impressive, but even without it the concert would have been awesome.

I highly recommend seeing Dispatch if you get the chance. If you don’t, they have several live performances you can see for free, such as Live from the Boston Woods on YouTube.


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