About Weather Complaints

What is this site?

This is a personal blog; its content and direction is entirely subject to its owner’s whims and pleasures. Maybe you’ll find something cool here; maybe not. Maybe it will find a direction or maybe it will wander. I created it as a place to somewhat-anonymously post my own writing and what I find interesting.

I welcome comments! Most comments will be published on the site, but personal non-publishable ones are also welcome (just let me know that you don’t want it published). Do be sure to include an email address if you’d like a response.

The tech philosophy behind Weather Complaints

➡ Technical details about this site can be found at Tech Notes: How This Site Was Made

This is a website; is is just one of many. But I take pains to make this little corner of the web as nice as possible.

Weather Complaints is a handmade website.
Pages are kept as lightweight as reasonably possible.
I’m always learning more about web accessibility, but to the greatest extent possible I make this site with all users in mind, including those using screen readers or other assistive technology.
Weather Complaints has no cookies, no cookie banners, no ads, no trackers, no external Javascript, no web fonts, and no analytics scripts. I don’t like websites that are slow, track me or try to sell me things, so I try not to be part of the problem.
Weather Complaints is designed to work on a wide variety of browsers. It even works in text-only browsers! (For a screenshot, see this Tech Notes post)
Not everyone has a fast connection. Websites should be usable on slow connections.
You shouldn’t have to worry about your privacy when visiting a website.
You shouldn’t need an adblocker to have a good experience on a website.
With climate change a major world issue, it doesn’t make sense to waste massive amounts of computing power (and thus energy) on a text-based website.


Weather Complaints’s web design philosophy was inspired by many, but most recently by https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com , a website that runs on a solar-powered server.

Green Hosting

Weather Complaints is now on a host that uses a combination of renewable energy and renewable energy credits to achieve carbon-neutral hosting.

A Green Website
A Green Website hosted by Cloudflare


Contact Weather Complaints

Whether you have a question, suggestion, or want to post a comment, please feel free to get in touch.
Please be sure to include your email address if you’d like a reply.